• Chani

    Office Administrator

    with her insurance knowledge  she will answer your financial question and help you to get the most benefit from your coverage. She will make the treatment affordable for you

  • Julissa

    Appointment Coordinator

    she will take the time to find what's the best for you. She will answer to the most common questions

  • Maggie

    Dental Hygienist

    she's an integral part of your health. Maggie graduating in 1994 .Her knowledge will teach you how to improve your dental health. she will screen your need for TMJ disorder periodontal improvement and crowding. Known for her sweet personality she will be restablished healthy periodontum while  beeing extremely gentle

  • Denise

    Dental Hygienist

    graduated in 1994.Efficient and gentle she will make you feel healthy again!She will teach you the mistakes you made and work with you on prevention.

  • Jade, Suz and Ltoya

    Dental Assistant

    They are here to make you feel comfortable and give you the most enjoyable experience you can possibly have.They will answer your questions about the treatment and promisse an environment clean and safe to all!

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